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shonn-e whispered:It feels like I haven’t seen you in a long time. 

The days seemed lost to her since she’d returned; the reality of time now embellished in a distant gaze that used to paint a galaxy brighter then no other was now lost amongst the shadows of her mind. Her once blooming cheeks was now a pale canvas, bruised and worn out from the cages of war. Carefully she strode down the hall, holding a surplus of dated papers to bring to the Science Department. Her knuckles raised to the door, announcing her arrival as she walked inside. And to her surprise the normally bustling department was empty save for one, Reever.

"Good morning." She greeted,"I’m bringing some papers over for Komui. I think these are for you." Carefully she handed over the stack of papers, hoping he wouldn’t notice how her fingers trembled, or the slight hobble in her step. &Maybe he’d overlook the way she’d take notice to the miniscule details of the room, like the broken hinge on the closet door or the change in the coffee cups since she’d last been there.

Does a year change so much?

"It feels like I haven’t seen you in a long time."

At the sound of his voice she’d looked up. An exhausted smile lifting the corners of her lips, “I haven’t seen me in a long time too.” Her lithe fingertips gently grazed over the half-empty jug of coffee on the table. “It’s good to see you again, Reever.”


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          "Guess you could say I do a lot of sneaking around. I
          wouldn’t know how he manages it since I don’t carry
          the desire to ask and blow my cover, so we can only
          wonder for now. Ah, it’s been awhile since that had
          happened, huh? Almost forgot that having fun was
          still possible around here. Normally, I’d agree.. But,
          I just can’t really bring myself to try and sleep, and
          I’m not all that sure about what keeps me up either.
          I wouldn’t worry too much about it, though, maybe
          it’ll pass sometime later on down the road.”

"Sounds like you have hidden agenda’s with his stow-away treats, but I guess he wouldn’t miss a cracker or two. It has. Unfortunately Komui has lost his keys since then so I doubt we’ll ever get the chance to raid the kitchen for sweets again. Mm .. I think we’re all due for a laugh soon; it’s become a rarity, but it’s about making the most of what we do have, right? I see .. well, if you ever feel like spending time with someone opposed to walking around at night, my room is available. I wouldn’t mind keeping you company until you figure out a way to get yourself to sleep. Hopefully your insomnia is just a result of a bad sleeping schedule though.”


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crystallizecrimsonbutterfly whispered:Rolls onto and piles on . "Heeee your back =3 !" 

"Ah, Lena. It’s been a while." A warm smile lit up her face as she patted her twin’s head. "Hello, how have you been?"


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lenalee-lee-loves-lavi whispered:(*kisses cheek* you've got the kissing disease, spread it by kissing the next ten people on your dash!) 

"L - Lenalee?"


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